December 5, 2009

Wall Stickers 2


16171819212223 SOLD24 25
RM 7.00

December 4, 2009

Wall Stickers

Code: 0102030405 SOLD0607 SOLD08 SOLD09 SOLD10.
Wall stickers


Cotton plain

Kain Cotton plain.
4 meter
Code: KKP 01
Colour: by request
Rm 75


Kain Chiffon Matching

Code: CM 01
Rm 55

Kain Ela Utk Baju Kebaya

Code: KEBK 02
Colour: by request
2meter Baju, 2Meter kain + selendang
Rm 70

Kain Utk Baju Kebaya

Code: KEBK 01
2meter Baju, 2meter kain + selendang
Rm 70

Baju Kebaya- Baju sahaja

Kebaya Sahaja
Code: BKB
Size: Xs,S.M,L
Colour: by request
Harga: Rm 125

Kebaya Siap

Baju Kebaya Siap.Sepasang(baju,kain,selendang)
Code: KBS
Size: Xs.S.M.L.Xl
Warna: by Request
Rm 160

October 29, 2009

Kain Ela 2jenis

Kain Ela ini mengandungi 2 material yg berbeza.
2meter silk dan 2meter kain chiffon
Rm 35

Soy Collagen

Would you like to have a younger, brighter and even skin?Collagen soy is the answer. This drink is formulated from the combination of Soy and collagen to help solve common skin problems such as facial lines, wrinkle, dull and uneven due to aging, stress, pollution exposure to sunlight and other harmful factors.This natural formula will restore the firmness of your skin 3 weeks, reducing the signs of aging and premature skin as well as gradually making your skin whiter and smoother.As a result, your skin will feel and look healthier and brighter. Soy collagen drink is suitable for women of all ages, and it is especially good for expecting mothers.This product contains 2 main ingredients:Soy- Acts as a natural essence that makes your skin whiter and smoother. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol level and body temperature, while providing the energy needed by our body.Collagen is a natural substance that extracts liquid from our body and provides structure to a different organs. Collagen plays an important role in making our skin looks healthier, younger, smoother and even. However, due to factors like the aging process, the natural production of collagen in our body decreases over time. With collagen supplied in this product, facial lines and wrinkles will diminish to reveal a healthier skin. A regular and consistent consumption following recommended dosage will give you a youthful look with a healthier and younger skin. Altogether, it helps to prevent the formation of new lines and wrinkles.

Rm 38.00



4 Meter
Rm 30

Kain Ela Batik

Batik SILK

4 Meter

Rm 55


Crepe Silk
4 Meter
Rm 60

Kain Ela Utk Baju Kebaya

Kain Ela - Baju Kebaya
4 meter.
Rm 40
KEBK 01 -Blue

KEBK 02 - Purple

KEBK 03 - Red